Below is an article about how security officers are on the line every day, especially in this time of high risk and elevated emotions.  

Remember that any interaction can turn dangerous, so you should always be on alert. The best approach is to start every interaction off politely, with a cool head and in a non-aggressive manner. And always remain the professional.

“Ask open-ended questions and avoid directives,” advised Corinne Peek-Asa, associate dean for research at the University of Iowa College of Public Health who studies workplace violence. “Rather than approaching a customer and saying ‘you need to wear a mask,’ instead start with ‘this business has a policy requiring masks. Are you able to get a mask?'”  

Don Bowne, Austin Operations Manager, gives a similar example in class.  Instead of saying “there is no smoking here” an officer can say, “you may not be aware that this is a non-smoking facility, do you mind if I show you the designated smoking area?”

You can see how different these two approaches are and how easily the situation could quickly escalate out of control.Think about how you would like to be approached if you were the customer or visitor. Then try to think how you can apply this professional and non-confrontational approach in your daily interactions.

Be safe and stay healthy!