Seems that Buc-ee’s is willing to pay, in some cases, over $2.50 per hour more to a person who scans packages of beef jerky or reloads the 44oz cups than most people are to a security guard.  A guard who at a minimum must, by client expectation or contract, be able to effectively communicate in any emergency situation, write, in English, a concise fully detailed report and then be in charge of a multi-million dollar property with the keys to everything while they are away.

Now while a convenience store or fast food place may indeed provide profits where a security department is just an expense, it still begs the question of what is worth the cost.  What value does one put on security or even the feeling of being secure?  Typically the answer is, “whatever it costs, we want the best”.  That is, until of course, it is an inconvenience, profits are down or someone will do it cheaper.

Therein lays the struggles of expectations and the reality of getting what you pay for.

But whose fault is this?  The client for having the expectations and not paying for it or the company who supplies the product knowing it’s not the best?