Several incidents have struck me these past couple of weeks and set me on a mission to reinvigorate or excite everyone around me about the importance of a positive attitude.

The first comes from a long time client that visited another site where our security officer was stationed.  He was so impressed by the level service he received from the officer he took the time to write me this, “Brian was extraordinarily helpful. I think he owns the place and just isn’t telling us!”  Wow, what a powerful statement.

Next was a visit to my local bank.  It is a small branch with about 5 employees, most of them behind glass.  I have been in there several times over the past year and each time the same man comes out from behind his cubicle to greet me and ask how the day is going.  He has a big smile, happy attitude and just by his demeanor you can tell his is just there to help with anything he can.

Lastly, when I came into the office today Thomas Brown, a long time employee, was there to pick up some keys before heading out to an assignment.  He works another post and I mentioned to him that we always hear great things about him and what he is doing out there.  Thomas’ response was, “I hope so, I’m not going to walk this route again”.  What a great outlook!  I’m only here one time, I may never see you again so I hope that the impression I left was a good one.

No matter where we are, we should all be like these three.  Own the world around you, help others and leave a great impression.