Why do we look at one thing to blame?   Why must it always be something or someone else’s fault?

Not one thing or action causes the problems, violence and chaos in this world.

I will agree there is some validity to arguing for stricter gun control but that is not the answer.  We should be looking at and focusing on society as a whole.

So many problems that are brought on by ourselves are remedied with; they will just magically go away or someone will pass some form of legislation to make it illegal.  What about the disjointed or absent families, the violent video games, movies and sensationalized journalism.  The idea of too much or not enough government.  Then there is the lack of involvement and the wiliness to accept or tolerate self-expression when it defies the norm.  This is but a small portion of a much larger list.

We must, as a society, grab our world with our own two hands and say, “this is the way it should be, this is what is right”!  Stop allowing the self-minded minority to rule because we are too afraid to stand up for what we believe because it may hurt their feeling or step on their rights of free expression.