For any crime to occur three elements must be present: Motive, Ability and Opportunity.   Being aware of these factors and how we can affect them is the critical first step of prevention.crime triangle

A crime triangle is typically used to illustrate these elements so that, as with any triangle, if one of them is removed the triangle collapses and no crime will occur.

Motive or Desire is what makes a person want to commit the crime.  This could be almost anything, such as gratification or revenge and is normally rationalized by the belief that they are justified or deserving.

Then there is the Ability. This could be as simple as having keys, knowledge or a rock to throw through the window to gain access.

Lastly is Opportunity.  This is the one that we are most able to influence more than the other two.  Opportunity is simply the time to carry out a crime without being detected.  We’ve all heard the saying that “a lock only keeps an honest man honest”.  However, it also assists in deterring the Desire by slowing the Ability to gain access.   Possibly making a dishonest man honest… least when it comes to your property because it made it a little harder to gain access than without a lock.

If we understand that although there may be no way to remove Motive or the Ability from a would-be criminal, we can remove the Opportunity by putting obstacles or security measures and practices in place that inhibit and/or slow access.

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