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Exterior Outlets – remove the temptation

Exterior Outlets – remove the temptation

Most all of our patrol officers are reporting extreme increases in homeless and other types of unwanted activity. This is becoming more frequent during the daytime hours because normal everyday activity has decreased.

One easy fix/tip to help make your …


Checking in and THANK YOU

Just want to check in with everyone and give a huge thank you for all you are doing during this crazy situation we have found ourselves in the past few weeks.  Where other businesses have had to slow down or …


Made a stop in to see one of the friendliest and tallest people you will ever meet. Charles Collins has been at the same post with ACT over 3 years and standing at 6’8″ is a true gentle giant…it took …

San Antonio Office

San Antonio Office

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new San Antonio office, which allows us to continue providing quality security officers to commercial and residential properties throughout the city.

Come visit us at 14855 Blanco Suite 206 San Antonio, …

“Is this real?”

“Is this real?”

Well, if it’s not, now is the perfect time to plan and train.

As I read the news accounts about


the Earthquake that struck Alaska this past week, following Tsunami warning and the accidental missile warning in Hawaii, I …


311 App

Learned of an app that apparently has been around for a while but not many people know about and wanted to pass along.  Easy way for anyone to report non-emergency issues.

This smart phone app is equipped with several features


Trust But Verify

Are you sure the people securing your facility have been properly vetted?

In recent weeks, there have been a few security related events that actually involved the President of the United States. These events clearly point out that not everyone …