While in the office today is your vehicle running, unlocked or the keys in it? Are you like the lady I saw this morning who went into the dry cleaning store, left the car running with her purse and laptop bag right on the front seat?  All she had in her hand was a credit card.  Everything else (license, more credit cards, keys to the house) was in the car. 

My guess is probably not or at least I hope not!  In a recent article it amazed me that 50% of all vehicles stolen in Texas are a result of drivers leaving their keys in them.  There also many stolen because owners leave cars running while grabbing a cup of coffee at a convenience store. So much so that, in Texas, it is illegal and can result in a fine of up to $200. Meaning the problem was so severe that the government stepped in to make people be more aware of protecting themselves and property.

Vehicle theft is often a “gateway” crime that leads to more serious crimes such as human smuggling or drug trafficking.  Large trucks are the favorite right now and the vehicles are usually targeted around shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters and other large parking lots.

Don’t be a victim! Lock your car and take the keys.