Well, if it’s not, now is the perfect time to plan and train.

As I read the news accounts about


the Earthquake that struck Alaska this past week, following Tsunami warning and the accidental missile warning in Hawaii, I still have the unsettling question…. “Are the majority of people so ill-prepared that they expect someone will immediately come to the rescue and take care of them?”

It seems that all the questions or videos posted are of people going directly to social media and asking “is this real?” and “what do we do?” Have none of them ever read the comments section of any news story? Are they really asking total strangers in a social media environment what to do in an emergency? I suppose they will also be the same people blaming someone else (i.e. government) for not keeping them safe.

Take some time to play out different events in your head. Actually think through a scenario BEFORE it happens and develop a cognitive thinking mindset that will help work through a situation of what you would or could do if any type of emergency occurred.

Know that it may be this planning that you will need to rely on to take deliberate action during an actual event. Not the media, friends or emergency responders.

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