New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Many accidents happen on this night of celebration, so wherever you go and whatever you do have a safe and very happy New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips: Going Out

  • Bring only what you need in your handbag

Grab Your World and Take it Back

Why do we look at one thing to blame?   Why must it always be something or someone else’s fault?

Not one thing or action causes the problems, violence and chaos in this world.

I will agree there is some validity …


Loss Prevention – Deter, Educate, Train

An attempted theft of two DVD players this past week resulted in a very unfortunate incident when the man died during an altercation with a store manager and security guards.

These types of altercations occur almost daily in retail …


Swing!! Lesson from Baseball

Opening day of baseball always brings a little something extra or a renewed sense of energy to the air. The smell of fresh cut grass, beer and hotdogs, the voice of the announcer, crack of the bat and buzz of …


Mission: Own It

Several incidents have struck me these past couple of weeks and set me on a mission to reinvigorate or excite everyone around me about the importance of a positive attitude.

The first comes from a long time client that visited …